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The Art of Plastic Surgery with Dr. Chia Chi Kao | The Reality Pill Dr. Ben Talei

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It’s very rare for two surgeons to do things completely differently, yet agree on everything the other person does. In this week’s “The Reality Pill” I sit down with fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Chia Chi Kao @kaoplasticsurgery to cut into some of the deeper truths in our world of medicine. Join us as we compare and contrast various techniques and get to the core of what makes someone an accomplished surgeon.

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A native of California, Dr. Benjamin Talei graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Physiological Sciences. He received his medical degree at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Dr. Talei then went on to complete his residency training in Head and Neck Surgery at Columbia University and Cornell University Medical Centers, New York Presbyterian Hospital. Following his residency program, Dr. Talei became one of the only surgeons in the country to complete two separate fellowships in Facial & Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery including a fellowship at the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York. In addition, Dr. Talei is a respected author, speaker and humanitarian.

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    1. Susan Bowman

      @Mido Munny as a joint it shouldn’t, at least I’ve never heard of it doing so. It might be nerve/neurological related and or a side effect of medication you’re taking. I had a reaction or side effect that mimicked Guillian Barre Syndrome that turned out to be medication I was taking. Also some dental issues can effect facial symmetry so a Prosthodontist would definitely be able to diagnose. They’re training goes above and beyond a basic dentist MD’s capabilities.

    2. Susan Bowman

      @Mido Munny I have TMJ problems as well and according to one of the top doctors in the country at Temple University you should never have surgery to try to correct it due to the complexity of the joint and it’s rotation/movement capabilities. Any minute impingement can cause a lifetime of excruciating pain and potential immobility of the joint. He recommended stretching exercises of the head and neck especially when in the shower allowing the warm water to run over the neck and TMJ areas. In addition to hot compresses I occasionally use ice gel packs for relief. Lastly the TMJ has to do with the rotation of the jaw bone not the soft tissues and ligaments that control facial expressions or elasticity or lack there of. Hope this helps.

  1. Evelyn Nichel

    Excellent Podcast!
    You’re both Extraordinary!
    The information shared here was both cutting-edge and the most useful, for all seeking to have procedures or even to level up their services offered in the field.
    Thanks So Much 💃🏾🏆❤️💋💐✨

  2. Connie Perez

    I love the work he does especially the pony face-lift. I been watching all he videos. Would love to see him to have that done. He is wonderful. But probably couldn’t afford it. 😒. Especially right now. ♋

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