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Overview of Blepharoplasty Surgery in Charlotte by Dr. Graper

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Visit to learn more about Eyelid Surgery in Charlotte. Watch this video to hear more about eyelid and brow lift surgery by Dr. Graper.

At Graper Cosmetic Surgery, our goal is to learn about the concerns our Charlotte, NC plastic surgery patients have about their eyelid appearance. We then make a diagnosis as to what is causing the problem, i.e. too much eyelid skin, too much brow skin or both. We then formulate a plan to solve the problem. If the patient has extra upper eyelid skin, the solution may be to remove the extra skin. But if the extra upper eyelid skin is from drooping brows the best operation is a brow lift, which will improve both the appearance of the brow and the upper eyelid. Again, an accurate diagnosis is very important to performing the right cosmetic surgery procedure.

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