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Facial Plastic Surgeon Explains why his Facelift is Different and creates more of a Natural Result

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In this video, Dr. Karam helps explain the anatomy of facial aging, how his unique facelift technique Vertical Restore addresses these changes to create a natural-looking rejuvenated appearance, and how this approach differs from the traditional face and necklift techniques.

This 56-year-old woman noticed that her face heart-shaped face has become more square and less identifiable as she began aging. This is due to the downward drift of the fascia around the eyes, the mid-face, and the jawline, known as jowling. Dr. Karam's unique facelift technique is called Vertical Restore. This lifts the face back to where it was before aging began, resulting in incredibly natural-looking results, rather than looking stretched and unnatural.

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For more information on Dr. Karam, his San Diego practice, or his natural-looking results check out:

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  1. Shine Bright

    I pray to God you’re still working when I’m able to come see you… I lost my beautiful face in just a matter of weeks because I was so ignorant and got an upper denture and it has ruined my face. I’m getting implants in 5 months but I want my beautiful lips nose and jaw back! It’s unbelievable that relatively young people are allowed to get a denture:( Thank God for my hubby buying me implants. Next is a new old face 😉

    1. Cherchez LaVache

      I spent $10,000+ on a series of removable partial plates made, to try to address the results of head trauma. In the end, only an upper could be worn. What that did was to ruin my lower face, as my muscles reacted to the upper with a downward pull.

      I know exactly what you mean!

    2. jade

      I”m sorry for you. I get totally get it!! I lost back teeth and had veneers changed to crowns in front and the change in my face I don’t like. It means a lot to have someone who is truly skilled when we have any kind of work done on our face. This guy is good from the videos. My face looks like it is sinking in. I’m afraid to do anything yet. Good luck with everything. It’s scary. Let me know how it turns out!

  2. Stacey Al-Ghawas

    Your before & after shots are amazing! Patients look unbruised so soon after surgery- aren’t muscles & ligaments sutured during the process? How many years does this facelift last?

  3. Songs

    How young have you helped correct beginning sagging in your clients Doctor Amir? I mean what if the correction is not extreme? Would you still do the restore procedure as kind of a preventative measure.?? Thank u for ur great videos 🙂

  4. elsa Grace

    Wow, that’d be wonderful to elevate the soft tissue of the jawline and mid face and the brow line to relieve the hooding. Most convincing part is that general anesthesia isn’t used. That stuff isn’t good for the brain. No way would I have a facelift if it required being knocked out for hours.

  5. Michelle Filak

    I checked out your website; specifically, facelift before and after photos. You work is incredible! No one has that caught in the wind look! They do not look like a different person but just refreshed and definitely younger!

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