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Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift in San Diego – Gupta Plastic Surgery

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Visit to learn more about breast augmentation & breast lift in San Diego. Watch this video to discover which procedure, or both, is right for you.

Expert breast augmentation provider Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS, realizes that sometimes breast implants are not enough to give women the perky, voluminous breasts that they want. Breast augmentation will increase the size of breasts, but some patients may also require breast lift (mastopexy) to combat drooping breast tissue and downward-pointing nipples.

As women age, skin becomes less elastic, and the effects of gravity become more apparent. These and other factors, such as nursing or significant weight loss, can cause breasts to sag or look deflated. When this happens, breast augmentation surgery alone may not be enough to restore breasts’ youthful appearance. The good news is that Dr. Gupta offers combination breast augmentation and breast lift for patients who want to elevate their breasts in addition to making them more voluptuous.

If you want to schedule a consultation for a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery in San Diego, please contact us at .

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  1. Navya Sistla

    Hi Doctor, In and after the anchor type incision surgery especially to get some fat removed from breasts and firm them, would the woman be able to produce milk post pregnancy to feed the baby? Please advise. Thanks

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