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How much was my plastic surgery? Was it cheaper in Mexico? Answering all of your questions! Why I went to Mexico! Here's why!

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Hey, Warriors! Welcome to my channel! My name is Erin. I am a wife to an amazing man and a mama to 4 kiddos. I lost 150 lbs after having gastric bariatric surgery in 2017. My goal is to encourage and inspire people with their health, self-care, and live their level 10-best life. I’m passionate about living a simple, intentional and amazing life. Come along on our journey! It’s so nice to meet you!

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  1. Michelle Costa

    Hello and thank you for sharing. How long did you have to stay in Mexico? Was the price of the hotel included in your total cost? Did you have to do any booking or arrangements yourself or did they do it all for you? Where did you stay? Thanks so much!

  2. Cherri Crittenden

    I too am in Oklahoma, in the Tulsa area. I wanted to get the gastric sleeve.. With insurance I was quoted (My portion) was $17,000. I left in tears. My friend suggested a company in Mexico. My cost there was $4217.20 this included airfare, surgery, all. I am 4 years out and had no issues and have met my goal weight in less than 12 months. Still doing really good. My thoughts? Screw the Oklahoma doctors milking you for every dime.

    1. Cherri Crittenden

      @Danyell Dixon UT was 4 years ago but I think the procedure is around $4200 now. That’s in Tijuana and they pick you up at the San Diego Airport and bring you back. 2 days there at the resort and then home

    2. Cherri Crittenden

      @Danyell Dixon that even includes what I spent on my plane tickets. EVERYTHING. This was my total cost. They don’t include in your quote the travel to San Diego but I did in my total.

  3. Julie Hadley

    I had a tummy tuck 18yrs ago. I was a nurse in that OR and got a discount and paid over $6000. I wasn’t happy with the final results either. I lose this wt… cause my stomach is all stretched out again. I will get my abdomen done again.

  4. Sandee Tee

    Going to Dr Puebla in 1 month! I’m loving your content… in my case it’s about 8k cheaper to go to Mexico 🇲🇽 BUUUTTTT I LOVE Dr P work! Better than what I have seen here in CA!

  5. TimetoShrink

    I’m looking at different surgeons and the surgeon I’m leaning towards is in Mexico, but definitely not inexpensive. I’m saving saving saving. I’m thinking what I want done will easily be 17-20,000. The dr I’m looking at is booking so so far out- but I don’t care! I agree – this is something to plan for and be careful and crazy intentional about….

    1. TimetoShrink

      I’m so glad you found such a good fit. You totally should not have to explain yourself. So kind of you to readdress this for those people…. but don’t let people get to you hun!!!!
      So glad to hear the after care has been amazing

  6. Deena Weena

    Thank you for giving me piece of mind. I’m leaving for Tiajuana in 16 days
    I have researched my surgeon and I am confident in his work.
    I’m going to be at a hospital so that makes me feel better about my procedure.

  7. Tiffany Eulalah

    I’m sooooo HAPPY I found your channel!!! I’ve been praying so hard for a sign of where I need to go for my tummy tuck I’ve seen 2 surgeons in my city and I’m NOT impressed I want to reach out to your doctor I’m not worried about a deal! I’m just wanting the best and safest surgery possible! I’m going to binge watch your videos now lol oh and I was quoted 12k from one of these surgeons here in SC

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