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SKULL RESHAPING with Dr. Charles Hsu – Line Plastic Surgery Center Los Angeles/ 두상성형 인터뷰/ 头骨整形 洛杉矶

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Skull reshaping may sound scary and mysterious, but it's actually not! In this video Dr. Hsu covered every aspect of skull reshaping surgery for interested candidates, hope we can help answer your questions and concerns! Check out our website for more information!

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  1. Lenovo K4 Note

    I need your help 😭 , my skull has started changing shape as how it looks to my father it look good to him and coming to me it’s so ugly , large jaw and back head is big and frontal bone started growing narrow and fore head is back and forward jaw will exercises work and what exercises should I do , sleeping down posture help to get back my normal forehead , I am so depressed sir youre the last hope

  2. Robert Shepherd

    Doctor Hsu. I have been wearing hats since I was 20 years old. Meaning that I started losing my hair. I don’t mind being bald, but I do have an egghead shape head. Is it too late to change now. I am 50 years old. Thanks

    1. Line Plastic Surgery

      There is no age limitation to do this surgery, but every candidate needs to have in-person consultation and examination with Dr.Hsu before we know if you can do it or not. Please send us an email with your head photos to consult@lineps.com if you are interested. Thank you.

  3. jiggles

    Amazing! Thank you for this! Your tone is very friendly and welcoming. I’ve been wanting to do a back of head augmentation for the longest time! Do you do virtual consults for patients not local to LA?

  4. Jkos

    Hello I currently use a device called a vielight – which is infrared light that helps my brain to feel better. I was wondering if you know if having an MMA skull implant would be affected by infrared therapy?

  5. Federal Money

    I really need your help doc. How about trimming the sides above the ear for a skull that gives the head a wide look. I am talking about the sides just above the ears…. Can those bones be trimmed? I have them being too bulky and it just protrudes out on top my ears

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