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Short Incision Vertical Facelift with Extended Neck Lift

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If you look older and more tired than you feel, consider a facelift in San Diego with our board certified facial plastic surgeon Amir Karam MD. Visit for more information

A normal and expected part of the aging continuum is the laxity that occurs in the soft tissues of the upper face, mid–face, lower face and neck. The tissues descend in an oblique direction as the deep facial fascia, SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), begins to thin and slide downward with each passing year. This is what we all begin to fear in our 40s and beyond—the sad, sagging skin of middle age.

As a result of that signature sagging of the soft tissues of the face and neck, the face is transformed from a youthful oval shape, with a smooth, firm jawline and neck, to an aged shape that is square along the jawline and loose–appearing in the neck. These changes in facial structure can instantly give away the individuals age; they no longer retain that healthy, fresh and attractive look of their youth, replaced by a haggard, tired face.

Although many alternatives and options are available, none exist that can effectively and completely correct the lower face and neck sagging as effectually as a properly performed facelift and neck lift. This is simply the gold standard in facial rejuvenation and the positive effects can last for decades beyond the procedure. We believe it is possible to restore that youthful, attractive jawline and neck in a natural, non–operative and beautiful way.

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