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  1. Blessedw10 2021

    Having mine removed tomorrow and after the excruciating pain I delt with just 4 days earlier having the packing removed I’m still petrified over having these removed in the morning

  2. Alexie P

    The fact that this woman remained calm and was actually smiling through that whole procedure ? That is not a woman. That is a force of nature. My heart, jealousy and awkward excitement is all with the magnificent bastard that ended up with her.

    1. Sam Bell

      @Corgi Pop you Got that right brother! just a couple weeks ago they told me I needed to have my septum straightened and I said no thanks Sam is scary talk to you later doc I’m out! my breathing it’s all bad anyway 😆

  3. Ianna Pavelieva

    I’ve had stents removed after an open rhino and it felt like my face was being ripped off. They didn’t even give me Entonox. Ive yet to encountered a surgeon in Australia that does it. They let the nurses do it. ‘ll never have surgery in Australia again. They charge the earth but they don’t see it through. Very poor patient care.

  4. Sophia

    Just had this done today. My doctor was quick and it only took about a minute. Just felt like pressure and then he clips it off. I didn’t even know there were stints inside my nose until today

    1. Haven Hart

      @Sophia I had mine removed a few days ago. Didn’t hurt or anything and only took a minute. The plastic splints are so uncomfortable though. I highly recommend anyone getting septoplasty inquire about silicone ones.

    2. Sophia

      Haven Hart i got a septoplasty so i just assumed it was super uncomfortable because the stitches were there and also because the cartilage was just sensitive. I think I did have silicone ones though.

    3. Haven Hart

      You didn’t know there were stents inside your nose??? Wow I wish I could say the same. These shits feel like credit cards jammed up my nose. Maybe you had the silicone ones. I have the plastic ones. It HURTS

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