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Plastic Surgeons Talking About Their Plastic Surgery

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How do you relate to your plastic surgeon? Their openness and understanding can be as important as their knowledge and experience. Sarah Dickie, MD, and Michelle Roughton, MD, give you a glimpse into the surgical and nonsurgical procedures they had and why they had them.

Want to learn more about their procedures? Check out these links from our scientific journal, website and vlog.

Transconjunctival Lower Eyelid Surgery:



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  1. LMP Studios

    I have watched many book an appointment with the plastic surgeon that lead to permanent disfigurement.

    The issue is that most of these people were already depressed before seeking help. An help that eventually made them to lose money, hope and probably the source of their livelihood.

    I am not saying seeking the help of a plastic surgeon is bad as many people has found hope and love in their alms.
    The issue is how do we know the good ones?

    Watch this video and you would be surprised how someone’s dream was destroy be he sought for help.

    [Plastic Surgery](https://youtu.be/FwkaAmhnPsY)

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