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Facelift Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Rhinoplasty | Dr. Sunil Richardson

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In this video, we see Facelift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Sunil Richardson

What was the patient's complaints?
This patient in her 40s had loose sagging skin especially on the right side of the face but also on the left side as well. Dr. Sunil Richardson decided to do this mini facelift to tighten the skin in the region. Mini facelift our procedures that could be done easily and the patients will recover quickly more than an inch of skin was excised along with pixie in this mess later. By doing this procedure to draw the line was to find more. Also, this loose skin that was giving an elderly appearance was improved upon. Such kinds of plastic surgical procedures are very often combined with maxillofacial procedures to give maximum results to our patients.

How long is the hospital stay and recovery?
Hospital stay is for one day and the recovery 5-7 days.

How much does it cost?
These procedures vary depending on what exactly is done, hospital stay, medicines, etc. However, can be done from as little as 75000 rupees @ Richardsons Craniofacial Hospital.

Are there any side effects?
No, there aren’t any side effects. The patients even don’t get to see the scar has its place very close to the ER and around the ER lobule and on the back of the year. This God is very well hidden is inconspicuous and cannot be made out. The entire face especially the lower third and the lower jawline is approached one this incision and there is no other Scott that is made for the surgery. There might be some Ekhymosis or hematoma in the area of surgery which was resolved soon some patients can also have some pain but I could also last us for a day or so. There are no other complications from this procedure if the surgery is done correctly. The surgical plane is very important, and an experienced facial plastic surgeon trained in these procedures can perform such surgeries.

How do we get a consultation?
Richardsons hospital currently is located in South India. The best way to get a consultation is to come directly and meet our lead craniofacial surgeon, professor Dr. Sunil Richardson. The team also has a very experienced pediatric anesthesiologist, neonatologist, ENT surgeon, dental surgeons, orthodontist, speech and language pathologist, prosthodontist, general physician, etc.
Those who live very far away in the different corners of India and then the other countries could use to connect with us on social media.

State of the art facial plastic surgical procedure for all ages @ Richardsons
Over 16000 successfully completed surgeries in the last decade and a half.

How do we take an appointment?

Coming over for a personal consultation with our maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Sunil Richardson is the best option. We are located physically near the southernmost tip of India, a town named Nagercoil near Kanyakumari.
However, we have other options for patients from far and wide, who can’t travel for a direct physical consult.
The pictures can be sent to our What’s App number: +919443182860
Or emailed to drsunilrichardson@hotmail.com and appointment asked or advice sought.

We are also on most of the social media platforms :

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We also have a few websites…
Please visit them to get an idea about the overall work we do… in different locations.

www.facesurgeon.org (medical/dental tourism )
( Muscat, Oman)

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  1. Iren Pregoner

    I say to myself that im so ugly what if i take a plastic surgery..
    Then i see this video i feel the pain and i almost die to see this video…i realize that no need to plastic surgery to be beautiful beauty isn’t in the face it’s in the heart

    1. Aadya pareek

      @hotcake 🧋 if maybe our society wasnt so judgy you would not care how you look and just be happy. Because one day you will leave this body and move onto another one, take care of this one treat it like your best friend 🙂

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