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Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles, Creates Amazing Hourglass Figure Part 2

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Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, liposuctions the abdomen, the sides, the lower back, and the upper back and transfers fat to the hips to produce a dramatic improvement in the waist to hip ratio. This liposuction and fat grafting results in a much more hourglass figure. This liposuction 360 or lipo 360 is a very popular and frequently requested procedure in Dr. Hughes's practice. Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes has performed thousands of these liposuction and fat transfer procedures in his surgery center in Los Angeles. Dr. Hughes is also an expert in liposuction revision and revision procedures of all sorts.

Dr. Hughes performs all types of plastic surgery including face, breast, and body procedures in Los Angeles and is a published author, speaker, and lecturer on many of these topics of plastic surgery education and plastic surgery news as well as plastic surgery technology.

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