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Botched Brazilian Butt Lifts | Dr. Barrett Breaks Down Terrible Plastic Surgery Results

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Terrible results are everywhere! Dr. Daniel Barrett tells you what to look out for while considering a Brazilian Butt Lift!

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The backside has become a point of focus in recent years, as fuller curves have become a feature to be desired. If you do not have the shape you want naturally, you can create a more attractive profile with body contouring options. These treatments offer results that are both natural and long-lasting, giving you the body you want and a confidence boost at the same time.

“The Brazilian butt lift or fat transfer to the buttocks is two operations in one and many people don’t realize this. Both parts of the operation, the liposuction to get the fat and the actual fat transfer must be done very carefully. If the buttocks look great but the liposuction has contour irregularities the buttock result doesn’t matter. The fat has to be harvested carefully to increase fat viability and then transferred meticulously so that each fat cell has the best chance for survival. This takes a lot of time and delicate handling. It’s like planting a garden; you need to carefully distribute the seeds rather than placing them all in one spot. The same is true for fat grafting to the buttocks.The result is a synergistic snatched waist and a more voluptuous booty.”

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    1. chozensaga

      @Carrie T I mean, if you say so… Out here in Los Angeles, it’s pretty even … But I’m not pressed about it either way. Most women of color I know are naturally built this way. Ijs

    2. chozensaga

      @Carrie T not true at all. It’s more Latinas, Persian and other white women. No doubt Black women do too but we are not the majority… Sorry. And in addition, most already have the basics in place and choose to enhance what is already there.

    1. DS Be it G

      And to think I used to get picked on for having a big butt. It took me years to appreciate it (my late teens because I was pathetic 🤓) I used to try to hide it by wearing long jackets and sweatshirts 3x’s larger than my size.

  1. Skyrim Girl Codes

    Why didn’t you mention how dangerous this procedure is in the first place? Even with someone board certified, isn’t the death rate something like 1 in 3,000 *healthy* women from an embolism? You should mention this in every BBL video you do. That is a very scary mortality rate especially when that number is compared to every surgery you can do in the field. It has the highest mortality rate out of them all.

    1. Samfoxx

      OMG….. Really you ladies are doing this!!!!! If you dont have the $$… Stay the way you are… For a Butt????? You LADIES NEED TO LOVE YOUR SELF MORE… RATHER HAVE MY Natural Butt then it looking like a Dart Board….Nooo GRACIAS

    1. Anonymous

      @Tracy Colleen men take steroids, so body dysmorphia isn’t gender specific. It’s an outdated misconception. You can’t rule out demographics because they too need support with mental health

  2. Rylee L

    NOPE once I learned the death rate of BBL’s and just overall dangers of butt implants, I decided I was better off just utilizing my gym membership. I’d be too scared to go to a legitimate doctor, let alone Barry the butt man in his Garage

    1. Rylee L

      @Miss Sincere was she a guest on Dr Phil?? I remember a famous singer going on the show to talk about her experience with “black market” butt injections to discourage others from doing it, but I can’t remember what her name was

    1. ciru

      Beyonce’s BBL looks natural, she only added a little fat on them hips, to make her hip deeps disappear. I think Kylie Jenner’s BBL is pretty decent coz its matches her small thighs, compared to Kim, the butt and hips ratio has to match.

    2. Manifestation Happiness

      Ikr. If I ever got a bbl I’d actually make sure my thighs and legs in generally are nice and thick so my butt won’t look too fake. But each to their own 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Abbielle

    It still makes me laugh that everyone made fun of my “big butt” as I was growing up. Now they are risking their lives to have what I was born with 🤨. Next year I’ll be out of style again. Love and accept your body as it is! It’s cheaper and could save your life.

    1. GinAkiraKun

      Absolutely!!! I have the exact same “problem”!! I’m white and grew up in Sweden with small waist, curves and a butt. When I gre wup it was something absolutely shameful to be overweight, and that’s the stamp I’ve always gotten from everyone, doctors etc, you name it. So I grew up with bad body image, always thinking I was overweight, when I realised just a few years ago that SO MANY WOMEN are either training hours on hours to get a beautiful, bigger butt, or they do like here on the video. It’s so shocking, that I’ve hated my forms all my life but now I have started to embrace my curves! I also married an African, and he loves my body which I am working on myself to love. But like you say, we will be “out of style” very soon 😁😁

    2. Abbielle

      @GinAkiraKun Naturally Curvies Unite!! ❤️ Let’s make the most of it now and pity those not blessed with our bodacious butts – no work or money required. Let’s make our self-love so solid during these times that it ride the wave of the next fad. Let us proudly purchase pants two sizes larger and take in the waist 2 inches. 🤣

  4. Mesozoic Period Vlogs

    With all do respect doctor a lot of board certified plastic surgeons botch people and they have done so with horrifying life long lasting deformities. People need to know that even board certified does not protect them from bad surgeons a lot of bad surgeons have degrees too. So all across the board it’s risky and patients need to be extremely careful and even that is not enough sometimes. Doctors who graduated from Harvard and Yale mess people up as bad as some of these back alley fake doctors sometimes.

    1. Paula Tristan

      That being said is why I would trust Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow. They formed the show Botched and know and are aware of all the horrible surgeries that have taken place from non certified and certified doctors. DR’s Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow know the good bad and ugly of botched surgeries. They’ve seen it all. I’d go to them first, they are the cream of the crop for difficult surgeries and non difficult surgeries. Great Drs😃👍🎉

  5. Dewi Lew

    Even though the bullying was brutal growing up, I must say I’m so grateful for the body and features I have as an adult. These women are literally risking death to achieve what I have naturally. Regardless, I wish they knew that this is a fad, and it will pass. They always do. Love yourself.

  6. Ivonne

    Because of a childhood condition I now have one thigh/butt much larger than the other one. For a long time I wanted plastic surgery to fix it but I decided to accept myself the way I am and not put my life at risk

    1. topknotch

      @Pink the trend is to look ethnically ambiguous. With the from lace wigs, nose contour , curly long hair , light tan skim , light eyes , Europeans facial features and thicker body but you can see being skinny is making a come back.

    2. dinkyboss

      @buttarain27 that’s what I’m saying. I’m naturally curvy and get told all the time I have a great shape. But I’ve also been told by white girls and like one white guy that they think having no shape and being bone thin is actually better. But outside of that community, everyone else wants a round butt

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